2015-11-23 Taiwanese team grabs champion title in World Robot Olympiad

Taiwanese team grabs champion title in World Robot Olympiad
Soong Kai-tai (宋開泰

Taipei, Nov. 23 (CNA) A Taiwanese team has won the robot bowling challenge for university contenders in the 2015 World Robot Olympiad (WRO), with an automaton able to bowl a strike and hit target pins while passing barriers, thanks to its efficient imaging system.


The three-man team, led by Soong Kai-tai (宋開泰), a professor at the Institute of Electrical Control Engineering of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), was among the 1,850 competitors from 47 countries that attended the 12th annual WRO, which took place Nov. 6-8 in Doha, Qatar.


The other two members of Soong’s team are Tkachenko Oleksii (陳可希), a junior student from Ukraine at NCTU’s Department of Computer Science; and Chien Ching-tzu (簡靖慈), a student in NCTU’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Honors Program.


For the WRO University Regular game, WRO Bowling, all the competing teams had to create robots specialized in delivering balls before putting their devices in for three challenges to get to the championship, according to Soong.


In the first task, the robots had to bowl a strike, and then hit designated bowling pins before entering the final stage of the game — obstacle bowling — Soong said in an interview with CNA Monday.


In the final challenge, the robots had to be able to bowl while avoiding barrier pins.


The most challenging part of the game was to create a robot capable of coordinating its eyes and arms, because normally, the vision system of a robot can easily be interfered with by lights and by the shadows of humans, Soong said.


His team managed to fix this problem by enabling its robot to transform vision signals into action. “This was the key to victory,” Soong said. 


(By Lu Chun-kang and Elizabeth Hsu)