Martin Gutzwiller


Ph. D. in Physics ,University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA


‧Fellow, American Physical Society

‧Vice-chairman, Committee on Mathematical Physics, IUPAP from 1987 to 1993

‧Member, US National Academy of Sciences(Washington, DC)since 1992

‧Dannie Heinemann Award for Mathematical Physics for 1993

‧Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences(Boston)

‧Docteur es Sciences (Honoris causa) of University of Freiburg (Germany) 2000

‧Max-Planck Medaille der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaaft 2003


Adjunct Professor of Physics, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Dr. Gutzwiller has done pioneering works in various fields. The so-called Hubbard model was published by him in Physical Review Letters almost 1-2 years before Hubbard’s paper appeared in the Proc. of Royal Society. His “Quasi-Chemical Approximation” has been widely used in metal-insulator transition, itinerant magnetism, and the pairing in super fluidity. By searching the fundamental physics relevant to anisotropic effective mass in semiconductors, Gutzwiller created single-handedly the fascinating field of chaos, and extended it to “Quantum Chaos”.

In honor of this great achievement, via the suggestion of Max-Planck Institute for Complex Systems in Dresden, The Mas-Planck Institutes has established a Gutzwiller Fellowship.