Alim Louis Benabid


Medical degree in 1970 from Joseph Fourier Universityin Grenobl

PhDin physics in 1978 from Joseph Fourier Universityin Grenoble


Staff neuro surgeon at Joseph Fourier University (from 1972)

Professor of neuro surgery and experimental medicineat Joseph Fourier University (1978-1983)

Post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of pre-clinical neuro pharmacology of Floyd Bloom at the Salk Institute (1979-1980)

Professor of neuro surgery and biophysics at Joseph Fourier University (1983-2007)

Fellowship in preclinical neuro pharmacology in the laboratory of FloydBloom at the Salk Institute in LaJolla, California (1979-1980)

Director of the research laboratory INSERM unit 318 (pre-clinical neuro sciences) (1988-2007)

Head of the neuro surgery department at theUniversity Hospital of Grenoble and professor of biophysics at Joseph Fourier University (1989-2007)

Coordinator of the Claudio Munari Center for Surgery of Epilepsy and Movement Disorders at Hospital Ni Guardia in Milan, Italy (1998-2007)

Staff consultant at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio (2000-2003)

Scientific adviser of the French Commission of Atomic Energy (2007)

Chairman of the board of the new Clinatec Institute (Edmond JSafra Biomedical Research Center) (2009-Present)


Chairman and Founder of Clinatec

The Edmond J. Safra Biomedical Research Center,Clinatec Institute, France


1.Alim-Louis Benabid 教授獲得 the University of Galway, Ireland、the University of London, Ontario, Canada、McGill University, Montreal, Quebec、及 the University of Porto, Portugal 等多所國際大學之博士榮譽勳章。

2.He has published 523 scientific papers and his HIndexis 67. He has given 18 honorary lectures and received 23 medals and prizes (including the Robert A. Pritzker Prize from MJFF).

3. Alim-Louis Benabid 教授為 DBS 創始發明人,為諾貝爾獎的可能候選人之一。

4.目前研究以植入式的腦機介面,控制穿戴式 Robots 來協助患者復健及治療; 利用波長 670 nm 的近紅外光配合深腦刺激器,以 402-405 MHz 的波長進行無線傳輸,利用高刺激頻率可減少 Lesion 的行為;並將神經調控技術應用於肥胖(obesity) 及 sleep disorders 等治療。將與生醫電子轉譯研究中心共同合作研究,交換學生及研究人員。

Alim-Louis Benabid 教授獲獎如下:

Dehomag prize for robotics (1993)

PrixÉlectricité-Santé del’EDF (1994)

Medicine and biology prize of the Comitédu rayonnement français (1997)

Biomedical PCL research prize of the French Academy of Sciences (1998)

Scientific prize from the National Foundation for Health Promotion and Research Development (Algeria, 1999)

JeanValade Prize of the Foundation of France (1999)

Member of the Institut Universitaire deFrance (1999)

Klaus Joachim Zülch Prize of the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation (Cologne,2000)

Scientific Award 2000 of the International Neurobionics Foundation (Hanover, 2000)

Cotzias Award of the Spanish Society of Neurology (Barcelona, 2000)

Sherrington Medal of the Royal Society of Medicine (London, 2002)

Research and Health Prize of l’Institut des sciences et delasanté (2002)

Bettyand David KoetserFoundation Prize(Zurich, 2002)

Dingebauer Prize of the German Neurological Society(2002)

Member oftheRoyalAcademyofMedicineofBelgium (2002)

Honorary degree, National University of Ireland,Galway (2005)

Spiegel and Wycis Medal (2005)

Matmut Prizefor medical innovation, the Foundation of the Future (2006)

James Parkinson Award (2007)

Victor Horsley Award (2007)

American Academy of Neurology’s Movement Disorders Research Award (2008)

Honor Award from INSERM (2008)

Victory of Medicine (2008) under the Jubilee Hospital, with Dr. Pierre Pollak

Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson’s Research (2013)

Jay Van Andel Award for Outstanding Achievementin Parkinson’s Disease Research (2013)

Honorary member of the Belgian Society of Neurology

Member of the French National Academy of Medicine

Honorary degrees, University of London,(Ontario), McGill University, Montreal (Canada)

Knight(Chevalier) of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques

Knight(Chevalier) of the Legion ofHonor

Lasker Award(2014)

Break through Prizein Life Sciences (2015)

European Inventor Award for the category Research (2016)