Official Launch of National Chiao Tung University Chatbots to Provide Student Care

Official Launch of National Chiao Tung University Chatbots to Provide Student Care
February 1, 2021

The Big Data Research Center of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) guided students to form a development team. Through combing information and artificial intelligence technology with NCTU’s institutional affairs database, the team developed three chatbots on the LINE platform, which were “Counseling buddy,” “NCTU campus assistant,” and “LINE learning assistant.” Designed to care for students, the chatbots provide personalized services and resource recommendations. Through the development and promotion of chatbots, the vision of using the institutional affairs database to assist with students’ schoolwork and career planning can be achieved. The homely atmosphere and convenience on campus provide NCTU students with unforgettable campus experiences.

NCTU President Chen Sin-Hong stated that school affairs research involves the use of institutional affairs database and data warehouse to analyze school policies and programs and to provide objective evidence of school performance. Moreover, the launch of NCTU chatbot offers not only real-time databases and data analyses but also brand-new interactive experiences. The launch of said three chatbots engenders the realization of a smart campus. The Big Data Research Center and the research team of NCTU are expected to delve into creating chatbots with diverse functions, such as establishing an interactive system that records learning process and combining speech recognition technology with existing systems, thereby making students’ learning and life on campus more intuitive.

To help NCTU faculty and students gain understanding of themselves and strengthen their ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, the Mental Health and Counseling Center worked with the Big Data Research Center to establish a counseling information service system called “Counseling buddy.” Said system offers functions such as consultation Q&A, emergency relief resources, and scheduling an appointment with the counseling psychologists of the department. The system enables students to immediately obtain suggestions and resources when experiencing psychological distress or the need to relieve stress.

Adhering to the goal of building a high-quality smart campus, the Big Data Research Center established a campus information service system called “NCTU campus assistant” to help students search for campus information, surrounding neighborhoods, campus maps, common Q&As, and recent events. The system is designed to provide NCTU faculty and students with easy and quick access to information and to increase campus life convenience with smart technologies.

“LINE learning assistant” is a personalized learning assistance system that offers three functions to assist with learning: course recommendations, assignment calendars, book and competition recommendations. Combining artificial intelligence with the database of NCTU Office of Academic Affairs and applying optimized algorithms, the chatbot recommends courses suitable for each student, guides students to select courses according to their personalities, and engages students in self-directed learning, thereby reducing students’ preference over popular courses.