Doctoral Student of Photonics from National Chiao Tung University Interns at Facebook and Debunks the Myth of Overseas Study

Doctoral Student of Photonics from National Chiao Tung University Interns at Facebook and Debunks the Myth of Overseas Study
March 24, 2020

Holders of non-U.S. degrees can also have internship opportunity with Facebook in the US! Wang, Yu-Jen, a doctoral student at the Department of Photonics in National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) is paid a monthly salary of US $9,000 to intern at Facebook Reality Labs (formerly the Oculus Research) for 4 months, receiving a total of more than NT$1 million. Valued by Facebook, he has been invited to cooperate remotely on projects after completing his internship and returning to Taiwan in December.

Taiwan’s Photonics Doctoral Student Being Invited to Intern at Facebook’s Hardware Research and Development Department

Wang’s advisor, Professor Yi-Hsin Lin, said that usually, students first go to the US for their master’s or doctoral degrees, then submit their internship resumes to top companies. Sometimes they have to suffer the disappointment of receiving no response from the hundreds of companies they have applied to. “But from his bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, Wang has been trained by NCTU. To directly receive internal recommendations from Facebook engineers and even a preliminary interview is simply amazing. It is unprecedented and very rare!”

Doctoral Student of Photonics from National Chiao Tung University Interns at Facebook and Debunks the Myth of Overseas Study
“I like taking different paths,” said Wang. Seeing the successful careers of his schoolmates during his undergraduate years, he was convinced of the potential of NCTU’s photonics. Hence he decided to remain in the department to pursue his degree. At the end of 2017, he jointly published a literature review paper with Lin. The lab’s long-term research on LCD optics is exactly in line with the needs of Facebook. “Their engineers came to visit and found it very interesting, and I took this opportunity to perform. Later, I was recommended for an interview with the LCD Optics Group at Facebook Reality Lab.”

For master’s and doctoral students who want to intern with companies or apply for the Doctoral Student Overseas Exchange Program offered by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang encourages them to regard each international conference as an opportunity to perform.

He believes that students trained by NCTU’s doctoral program are competent enough for foreign technology companies. The Department of Photonics provides solid learning resources such as interview questions, which are combinations of classroom exercises and final exam questions; and basic knowledge and analytical tools in internship, which are found in lecture notes. In addition, NCTU emphasizes an international campus environment, so basic English communication is not a problem.

Internship Is Not Observational Learning — Put Knowledge Into Practice to Demonstrate Competence

“Facebook is willing to trust interns, treats interns as competent and gives them some R & D responsibilities,” said Wang. The interns have plenty of room to fulfill their potential, and they must rely on themselves to promote projects. “But as long as they have ideas, their colleagues in different fields are willing to share and provide professional assistance. ” Superiors also allow employees to be frank, as well as to criticize and make comments. The atmosphere in the working environment is very positive and open.

Wang said that in the field of electric machinery and physics; optics is unique. Sensor devices for detecting images seen by the eye require optics application; the popular AR/VR industry requires breakthroughs in optics design. For example, Facebook Reality Labs is aggressively pursuing AR/VR, continuously searching for new technologies and applying them to future software and hardware applications.

Each office in Facebook has an enlarged map of the world where employees mark where they have come from with pushpins. “It is interesting that every map has a pin for Taiwan. We are not absent.” Wang, Yu-Jen believes communication with the world’s top talents is free and confident.

Regarding his future plans, Wang, Yu-Jen smiled. In February, he would be going to Google and Amazon in the US with Professor Yi-Hsin Lin to discuss cooperation, and at the same time complete his oral defense. After getting a clearer picture of the trend in industrial R & D, he looks forward to orienting his research results to actual products and creating more value.

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