Enabling Semiconductor Innovation:National Chiao Tung University Wins Numerous Macronix Golden Silicon Awards (09, 2014)

Enabling Semiconductor Innovation:National Chiao Tung University Wins Numerous Macronix Golden Silicon Awards (09, 2014)
September 25, 2014

The Fourteenth Macronix Golden Silicon Awards for Semiconductor Design and Application was held recently, and 50 universities and 352 teams entered the competition. The National Chiao Tung University won numerous awards and showcased its innovative and creative semiconductor R&D capacity.

Under the guidance of Professor Ke-Horng Chen, Zi-Qi Huang from the Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering, and Xin-Hao Chen and Kui-Liang Lin from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Adaptive Speaker Power Load Management System based on the Human Auditory Model won the Bronze prize in the Application group. In recent years, thin and light designs have become the objectives for electronic product design. Internal speakers are limited by size and cannot fulfill high power and sound quality requirements. Therefore, the team designed a system that uses a Class D audio amplifier to increase volume and a DC–DC boost converter for dynamic power. The system can resolve the inadequate speaker volume, effectively control all inputted data, and demonstrate maximal output speaker power. In addition, the system can instantly detect the speaker’s dynamic impedance and load power, anticipating the speaker’s power output for the next time segment and enabling additional control to achieve optimal efficiency while protecting the speaker.

Enabling Semiconductor Innovation:National Chiao Tung University Wins Numerous Macronix Golden Silicon Awards (09, 2014)
Dr. Jiun-In Guo, Chair of the Department of Electronics Engineering and Professor Ching-Hwa Cheng of the Feng Chia Department of Electronics Engineering who have jointly co-advised An-Tai Xiao and Xiang-Ren Yang to successfully demonstrate low-power modulation voltage power management technology, won the Silver prize in the Application group and the Best Advisor Award. This technology can be used to resolve the continual calculation power consumption problems occurring in smartphones and tablet PCs by substantially reducing power consumption for circuit operations using the CK-VDD design concept. In addition, this technology operates with a self-designed chip that produces adjustable high or low VDD voltage according to calculation clock signals to enable sufficient drive current and substantial power conservation. Using this technology can conserve an average of 50% of the computing power required under the same workload and double the operation time for mobile devices. The technology also has an automatic voltage regulation function that adjusts the VDD current supply based on the computation operations and affords more flexibility in the dynamic frequency scaling function.

Geng-Hao Yang of the Institute of Computer Science and Engineering and the Tsinghua University Electrical Engineering Team jointly developed the key search engine filter core for low-power large data processing featuring quick boot and normal shut-off nonvolatile ternary content address memory; this design won the Bronze prize in the Design group. Emerging electronic products must be able to process a large amount of data, have long standby time features, and should require minimal energy. The ternary content address memory was added to various platform interfaces, enabling rapid data filtering that substantially reduced volume of data that are processed by the high-energy processor later; thus, an energy-saving effect was achieved. The plan combined the improvement on the emerging NVM, and integrated the resistor-capacitor filter featuring step-down 4T2R nonvolatile ternary content address memory to the ReRAM in the memory cell level, thereby enabling direct shutdown and boot up after peripheral logic circuit recovery, and affording quick and low-power shutdown and boot up features.

Since 2000, Macronix International Co., Ltd. and the Macronix Education Foundation have organized the Macronix Golden Silicon Awards – The Semiconductor Design and Application Competition to encourage university students in innovative R&D in the semiconductor field, increase practical experience, and promote positive interaction between the industry and academia. National Chiao Tung University has promoted innovation of the younger generation and obtained the key to success through technological innovations.

Date: Sep, 2014

Source: Secretariat, NCTU